Tea has been a continuous flow of wonder and discovery for me.  I do most of my own blending, and it comes to me naturally with my love of cooking.  Even though I create my own recipes, not being much of a recipe follower in the past, I practice staying present in crafting these teas. It's been a lesson in perfection.  But, even with the perfect amounts of each, I always find the tea itself sets the stage as to what will be the final experience, or could it be the mood we are in at the time?  Something for us all to ponder.  I have always enjoyed meditating and now I have begun to meditate before I blend teas, adding another layer of 'calm' and 'love' to each blend.


I'm sitting here late at night, writing this, a cup of tea in hand, and all I can say is I am so grateful for all of you. And, grateful for Dad's continued interest in living.  It's a good thing. His health is so much better, and at 93, I can't ask for more..


If you are a tea drinker, or are thinking about becoming a tea drinker, we have a tea for every mood - Black, Flavored Blacks, Green, Flavored Greens, Herbals, even a Children's tea.  Many of our  teas are organically grown, but not certified, and although some have flavorings added, many do not. We also carry fabulous Darjeelings and Pu'erhs! Did you know that Darjeelings are filled with antioxidants?

As you peruse the teas, you will always notice some marked sold out. That is because I blend small amounts at a time, but if I'm out, send me an email, and I will make sure I get right to it. I'm always working on something, and I will get them blended and packaged as soon as I can. Although this year has been trying for us all, there will be some new blends coming soon.  


Wishing you peace, Susan