We have a way with spices here at Thunder Mountain Tea and Spice.  I don't 'do' just any spice, I only 'do' what I know and love.  After years of cooking for family, friends, and guests, managing kitchens, hotels, guest ranches and lodges, I've discovered that I know how to create some 'deliciousness' that others enjoy.  Teas and Spices, along with Writing, have risen to the top of my creative endeavors.

The first spice blends I created were my Border Blend and my Habanero Lemon Pepper Blend, which consist of delicious southwest spices that reflect my life and border experiences while working and living just north of the US-Mexican border for over twelve years. 


The Border Blend can be used on just about anything you want to add a touch of the 'border' to.  I love it on a baked Salmon filet.  It can be used for taco seasoning, for enchiladas, and the best Southwest Black Bean Salad.  Many use it as a rub on all meats, including wild game. My kids use it on their popcorn and Spiced Nuts. Like I said, it can be used on absolutely anything. Check out the Recipe Page for many other ideas.


The other, Habanero Lemon Pepper, came with my family who love 'hot' on about everything.  The Habanero Lemon Pepper makes the best hashbrowns I have ever tasted. Many use it on their salads.  We use it on our Southwest Mac and Cheese.  It also does beautifully on Chicken Breasts and on baked Fish.  Check out the Recipe Page for many other ideas.

With my love of pumpkin, came my Country Pumpkin Spice Blend.  Oh my goodness!  Speaking of goodness, this blend, with its hand-ground nutmeg brings all of your Pumpkinness' to the forefront.  And, an added deliciousness, I have created a Country Pumpkin Spice Tea that will be ready for fall.   And, another fun idea, I have made a Pumpkin Spice Vegan Pudding with it.  I just can't tell you how much fun all of this is. 

Check in with us often, so you don't miss anything new.  In the meantime, find a place of quiet, pour a cup of tea and enjoy the moment before it passes forever.