Face to face via blog posts~

I bet you all wonder why I have been so quiet. Actually, I have been wondering this, too. I think I have been feeling guilty. Read on. I noticed while out walking the dogs, how much I miss this contact with all of you, albeit, it is through the internet and through the tea, and not in person, but still - why was I not writing? I love to write and to share my thoughts with you. I've been thinking, and working, and working and thinking.

Have any of you paid much attention to synchronicity and how it falls into your life? It just appears, not quite so obvious as a slap across your back, saying, "Hey, pay attention." I guess that is why they call it synchronicity - duh! But, it seems when there are struggles or questions, up it pops. Then it is up to us to pay attention to the message and see if it folds into our lives.

Yesterday, while out walking the dogs, I remembered how I love the cold, brisk air, and that it opens my heart to whatever I am contemplating. What was I contemplating? It has come to my attention that I have been trying to do too many different things. A deep realization that I'm not 40 years old anymore, which back then I never stopped, worked at a frantic pace. A single mom of three, it seemed there was never going to be enough. That alone would make anyone spin in circles. They call people like me a 'multipotentialite' - one that likes or loves to do a lot of different things, never happy with just focusing on only one. Too many passions maybe. What hit my email this morning was something about how 'we equate our work to our worth' - oh dear, this has always been me.

My only excuse is I've been a bit overwhelmed with editing and doing other things, and not paying attention to the project I love so much, my teas and all of you. Sure, I've been blending and packaging

and shipping, but it was kind of out there on its own. I apologize for that. Sometimes I need to take a breath, step back and get a better idea about where my focus has been, where it went off the tracks, and not only how to get it back on track, but to not let this happen again.

It won't happen again. I am here to say, Thunder Mountain Tea is my passion, and this is where my heart lies. And, you all and I will always be the recipients of the fruits of this passion.

I have been putting off the newsletter, a new format and all of that, but am working on it now. I have also been blending a lot of new and different teas, and in order for you all to taste them, I am starting a BLEND OF THE MONTH - each month it will be displayed on the site, and no matter which tea it is, the price will be $10 for approximately 4 oz. I say approximately, because sometimes if it is an herbal blend, the weight is not nearly as important as the volume.

Watch for PLUM GOOD, OH BOY, and the others that will be going up. Some I don't even have names for yet. Also, there will be an update on the website as I 'cruise' through this, (thinking of the bumpy airspace we all encounter and laughing at myself) my passion!

Thanks, and wishing you peace, Susan

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