Embracing Community - One Bag of Tea at a Time

Like a tight bud in early spring, our New Year prepares to unfurl before us. I hear many people saying they are glad to see 2017 go, and I can certainly understand it. We've had so much sadness this past year, and the chaos on the world stage has been exhausting. Adding to that, the year in tea has been overwhelming at times, exhausting at other times, but still I'm walking away from 2017 with a lot to be grateful for.

There has been an excitement and camaraderie with the fabulous people of the Boise area, and all the visitors, both in person and those visiting my website, who have truly inspired me to keep moving forward, instilling in me a sense of purpose. I learned a lot about people, and about tea, and about life this past year, and now I am looking forward to what the New Year has in store for me as a 'human' - the growth a New Year offers, and for Thunder Mountain Tea as a business.

Last year, at this time, I wrote a blog post titled A Journey of Peace, wondering how I could bring this business into being and still be helping others. Now as another year opens its arms to us, I am again sitting here with a cup of tea - thinking, wondering about what Peace looks like to me, and how, if at all, did I facilitate the meaning of Peace in my life, in my business and in the world. I ask what Peace looks like, and I think that is the wrong way to look at this. Maybe it is better to ask how Peace feels, what is it exactly? How does Peace inspire me?

While pondering this, I have had an idea and held it in its 'incubation' period for several months, and I am hopeful it will be my answer. I had wanted to introduce this before the holidays, but found myself very busy as the year moved forward, so I am taking this 'down time' to introduce my "Embracing Community - One Bag of Tea at a Time" initiative.

My dream has been to spread goodwill in our neighborhoods across our country by sharing in the experience of tea. You see I believe that our neighborhoods can be our most powerful asset. I believe 'strong neighborhoods build strong communities and strong communities build powerful and peaceful countries.'

I know and understand that many of us work outside our homes and have a very busy life, but have you ever noticed a neighbor that comes and goes as you do, or maybe one you see going to the mailbox that you have never spoken to or one just moving in? And, sadly to say, you have never given it a thought that maybe you should speak to them?

How would you feel if you saw that neighbor, maybe of a different culture than you and your family, and you took a bag of tea over and offered it to them. "Here, I live across the way, and I've noticed you over here and would like to give you a bag of delicious tea, and welcome you to the neighborhood." Or, maybe you have a friend who is having a bad day or is having trouble with her/his teenager, and you give them a bag of tea. Something that all of us can enjoy, even on our worst days, or moving days, or whatever. The key to this initiative is the bag of tea is my gift to you to gift to another when you make a $30.00 or more purchase.

I look at this tree, with the white lights and the snow hanging heavy on its branches, it signals Peace to me in all of its simplicity. For me, tea facilitates peace and is a form of simplicity. Let's begin spreading peace through our neighborhoods. Let's build strong neighborhoods. Let's take this 'walk of peace' together. Check out the Facebook page and please hit the LIKE button. (Embracing Community: One Bag of Tea at a Time.) This Facebook page is where we can all join in and have a discussion and build a community through Peace and Tea. Sending good wishes forward for you and yours this New Year!

*There is only room for positive thoughts on this page. Nothing ugly or divisive.

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