Early the morning of New Year’s Eve Day, feeling a little uneasy about what the coming year would bring, I poured myself a cup of tea, opened up my Facebook page and began to write:

A Journey of Peace. I refuse to dwell on this past year and all we have lost, but know in my heart that although this New Year comes with obstacles, as they all do, it is up to us to make it a year of peace, prosperity and joy. We do not need to look for peace outside of ourselves, but to embody it within each of us. This alone becomes our power - the power to believe in ourselves and make our lives what we have always dreamed possible. The power to lay down the hatred that has blanketed all corners of our Earth, to embrace others no matter their color, their creed nor their circumstances in this journey we call life. This is our journey together, we are one with the world. Make it 'a journey of peace.' By gathering our hands together in friendship around the world we can overcome all obstacles. May this New Year bring us peace, and may we walk in peace and love each day of our lives.

Now – days later, this morning, with a cup of tea in my hand, I took the dogs and stepped out into the snow. The dawn, slow to break this cold January morning, began lifting over the horizon. The early shades of light highlighting the depth and texture of the ten or more inches of snow on the ground. I have had a few days to reflect on my feelings that morning, I realize that this is actually where I am these days. This is where my heart lies.

So, I sat in the cold for a while with a copy of the words in my hand. I wondered how to carry this forth, not as a burden, but to embody the very meaning of it all and to live it, celebrate it. I looked deep into the rich liquid of my tea, wondering if the answer lies within it. Can something as gentle as a cup of tea hold the answer for me?

I have started this new tea business, Thunder Mountain Tea, and I am just getting my online writing and creativity classes up, which will be active by next week, www.CSusanNunn.com. Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed with these two major projects, then I remind myself: when creating a new business or classes, always, always ask yourself if what I am creating will help others?

If it doesn’t, it isn’t worth doing. Any business is a business worth having – NOT. If I breathe life and energy and compassion into each step I take as I move forward, then I will have a business that will benefit all. Now that would be worth having. Stay tuned and we will see how this process unfolds.

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