The Mystery of Tea

Where to begin? I guess I will start by saying hello, introducing myself, and telling you how this gorgeous site and these delicious teas have come about and where this blog is headed over the next months and years.

My name is Susan Nunn. I am a writer and my love of teas and all things tea has made me an entrepreneur. Wow, I think that is the first time I’ve actually typed the word ‘entrepreneur’ in reference to myself, and accept what it actually means. What I must be saying is as a writer, tea has been my constant companion as I sit for hours exploring the depths of a character, or a sense of place in my work. I trust tea, and the calmness it brings to me. Now I have taken my love of tea and the desire to share what I have discovered, and am turning it into a business. Why not do what I love and spread the joy, the Mystery of Tea?

Yes, I find tea to be mysterious. Maybe because for those of us who are older, our only experience with tea was a teabag, and still today much to my disappointment, in most restaurants across the country, we are still served a pot of water and a teabag. (Just a note here, so we don’t have to suffer through another tea bag episode, we will have ‘tea wallets’ which are being made especially for our customers, and will be available very soon. These wallets will hold your loose leaf teas in your purse, so your favorite tea will always be at your fingertips.)

Tea isn’t just a beverage, there is so much more to it. It has depth and mystery. Of course, part of the mystery could be the High Teas in England, which in most homes is nothing more than a pot of tea and a sandwich or sweet bread of some sort, but the concept found its way across the water into our fancy hotels. Or could it be the Japanese Tea Ceremony that has fed into the mystic of it all? We’ll explore the mystery, the depths of tea, along the way, but the one thing I do know is I love how tea makes me feel, and the camaraderie we tea drinkers enjoy.

On this blog we will travel to the countries of its beginning, and tell the stories that have been told over time, and as we come to its current popularity today in America and around the world, we will dig into the nature of tea, the way it is grown, agricultural chemicals, and how tea is ‘manufactured.’ I must say the word ‘manufactured’ is a hard one for me to swallow when it comes to tea. Being a vegetarian and lover of all things natural, the thought of tea being manufactured just doesn’t jive with my senses. In the process of all of this, just bringing myself to the website and offering teas to you, I have discovered Direct Trade Teas, along with my other teas that I have come to love through the years. The Direct Trade teas are hand-picked and processed. On this site, you are able to see the families who grow the teas and read about their growing processes. All of these are organic, but not certified as certification is extremely expensive for these small growers. But, when you read about their growing practices, you will discover, as I did, where the original word organic came from, and how these farmers, with their deep understanding of their soils and teas and the earth, still practice in the way our organic farms of today are striving towards.

I have a background in hospitality and agriculture. Little did I know it would become my core understanding of tea. As I have studied, I’ve learned there is more about tea than most anyone would even care to know. But, for me, I love to ‘know’ the how, where, why, when and the end results, and that is what I am going to be doing with this blog, although I must say, that won’t be all you get with the blog.

Oh, and did I forget to tell you with each order you will get samples of teas, and maybe a spice or two. I hope you enjoy the journey we are about to embark upon. I promise to make it one of the most enjoyable of all your journeys. Here’s to you, let’s have a cup of tea, relax and enjoy life and all it has to offer

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