Thunder Mountain Morning
  • Thunder Mountain Morning

    Thunder Mountain Morning - When I would wake up early in the morning at the ranch in the foothills of the Chiricahua Mountains, I would fix me a hot cup of Green Tea blended with Lemongrass and sit out watching the sunrise over the peaks. It's a fabulous place - those Chiricahuas and the Green Tea and Lemongrass was always just the perfect compliment. And, almost two decades later, I still find myself drawn to the clean, calm feeling that it gave me so many years ago. 


    Now, I blend all the teas myself.  And, with teas on every shelf, and developing a reputation for 'wild and wonderful' tea blends, I still seem to migrate to that one loaded with memories of nature and such beauty.  Thunder Mountain Morning is definitely my favorite morning tea, and sometimes I just drink it all day long, or at least until mid-afternoon when I reach for something a little stronger to revitalize me and get me through the rest of the day.  Sometimes that may be a Pu'erh, a Darjeeling, Ceylon, or an Assam - all depending on my mood.