Tea Cozie - Yellow with white floral Large
  • Tea Cozie - Yellow with white floral Large

    Tea Cozies - (The black teapot is for sale separately below.) This design is beautiful. Yellow with a white floral.  Large size fits a 6 - 8 cup teapot, and the smaller one is for a 2 - 4 cup pot.  Or, if you are using a French Press for a teapot like so many of us, these work perfectly.  These cozies are beautifully handmade.  Each of them are washable. 


    Tea is for everyone no matter our circumstances.  It blankets us with a serenity we struggle to reach in these chaotic times.  We Americans are an eclectic bunch and we take what rings true within us and tweek it some to make it our own.  Tea  is no different.  The Asians have ceremony, but beneath lies the purity of simplicity, that which we crave.  The English are pretty particular about their teas and traditions as well, but when you visit their homes, High Tea may be nothing more than a pot of tea and something sweet or a sandwich.  People from around the world are all coming to TEA with an openness and desire to "savor a moment," before it is gone.

    • Tea Cozies

      Our Tea Cozies are all custom made just for us and ultimately, just for you.  Because of this, the only way a return will be accepted is if the cozie is returned to us in perfect (NEW) condition, with tags still on.  Please contact me if you need to return an item.

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