Tea Cozie - Red and Yellow Plaid Large
  • Tea Cozie - Red and Yellow Plaid Large

    Tea Cozies - Red and Yellow plaid, Large for 6-8 cup teapots and small for 2-4 cup pots.  If  are using a French Press as a teapot, they work great for them as well.  Tea Cozies come from the English side of drinking tea, and here at Thunder Mountain, we are into all of it.  Tea is for everyone, and because we are an eclectic bunch of Americans, we can do it anyway we feel works for us. If you like hot tea, and are tired of it cooling down so rapidly, then you need a tea cozie.  These are made specifically for us at Thunder Mountain Tea.  Try them, you will love them.  Oh how I love tea, and when it is hot, it is over the moon.  

    • Tea Cozies

      We have gone to great lengths to make these cozies perfect and because of that they are only returnable IF:  They are brand new and still have the tags on them, and in perfect condition.   Please contact me if you need to return this item.

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