Tea Cozie - Paisley Large
  • Tea Cozie - Paisley Large

    Tea Cozies - they work the best!  I have tried every way to keep my tea warm outside or inside, and nothing works better than these cozies, specially made for us.  The large are for 6-8 cup teapots and the small are for 2/4 cup pots.  And, if you are like some of us who have taken to French Presses for our teapots, these cozies work perfectly.  Tea is delicious and when it is hot, it's over the moon.  


    I am a writer, and spend most of my time outdoors, and here in Idaho the mornings are becoming quite chilly...but with these cozies, the tea remains hot until the last drop.  I'm so excited to share these with you. 

    • Tea Cozies

      This product is ONLY returnable if it has not been used and is returned in perfect condition.  They are beautifully handmade for us and I am thrilled to be sharing them.

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