Peachy Peach - Ceylon, peaches, and peach flavoring

Peachy Peach - oh my oh my - YUM!   Some sweet lady came by my tea stand at the market one day and asked for a really good Peach flavored tea.  So off to the test kitchen I went and here is what I came up with. First I discovered or was reminded that there are peaches and then there are PEACHES.  It took a couple of deliveries from different suppliers before I got the perfect dried peach which gives us the ultimate in flavor.  I added a touch of flavoring for good measure, and here we are! This is great both hot and cold.  


Thank the heavens for people feeling comfortable enough to be asking for different teas, it helps me to create.  And, if I drink a black flavored tea, this is the one, EXCEPT in the late fall, when I put out my Pumpkin Spice Tea.  Oh how I love Pumpkin.  


And, just a note - I hot brew everything just so we never get confused.  A lot of people want to cold brew or make sun tea, and that is wonderful, I just want them to know that the leaves give us different 'essences' with the different temperatures of water.  It will still be good if you do it that way, it may just give you a different flavor.