Children's Tea - Mia's Fruity Surprise (fruit and flowers)
  • Children's Tea - Mia's Fruity Surprise (fruit and flowers)

    Mia's Fruity Surprise -  A CHILDREN’S TEA – As with the others, this tea is perfect for children, but we adults are finding it delicious both hot or cold.  So many little ones enjoy their tea time as well. I have two teas that are perfect for children.  If you question the word 'Tisane' in reference to this tea, from as far back as I can remember the 'tisanes' were those made from fruit and the herbals were those made from plant materials.  It seems they are all mixed together now - tisanes are herbals and herbals are tisanes. Does it matter, probably not.

    Mia’s Fruity Surprise – A Children’s Tea – for the littlest of our tea drinkers all the way up to teens, and adults. Healthy and delicious. Made from dried apples and pineapple, and sprinkled with cornflower petals, rose petals and pineapple flavoring. No sugar has been added. I wanted to leave the type of sweetener and amount up to the parents, but what I have discovered with this ‘tea’ is that when I add half apple juice or pineapple juice with the water to heat, and then pour over the ‘tea,’ it certainly brings smiles to their sweet little faces. As time goes on, I use less and less juice and more water, before long they are weaned from those sugary juices. And, really there is no need to add sugar.  It is a delightful tea.


    Whether a tea party with other children or home alone with mom and dad. This is the perfect tea for them.  Just to give a wonderful idea that a mom shared with me recently at the Capital City Public Market in Boise.  She and her husband have a 'poetry and tea' night once a week for their children.   She bought the Sweet Amelia for their kids.