Matcha - Oh my, what a reputation this little sweetie is garnering ... but, like us, sometimes the reputation doesn't tell the whole story.  Or, it taints the true being.  Well, MATCHA is so diverse it can handle all of it. I guess that's why people are chattering about it.  Sure, it's a ceremonial blend, hand-ground and delicious. Great for drinking!  Great for cooking, although many people don't want to use such a fine tea for cooking, then there are others who say "Why not?"  And, then there is the smoothie!  Don't forget to add it to that.  I sell this tea in 2 oz bags.  It is an experience worth trying, one you are sure to enjoy.


And, why not add a Tea Whisk and do it right?  I love mine. And, if you would like some recipes for the Matcha, I will be adding them soon.