Jasmine Mist ( a naturally organic green tea)
  • Jasmine Mist ( a naturally organic green tea)

    Jasmine Mist – Naturally organic, but not certified. Let me tell you about this delicious and fragrant tea. Tender whole leaves comprising of buds and first leaf hand rolled into balls.  The Jasmine fragrance comes from Jasmine flower petals.  The tea leaves will unfurl from the round shape and disperse. Divinely fragrant aroma in the dry leaves (balls) as well as in the cup. Two infusions possible. Because of the amount of pearls per counce, I have added 2 ounce packages as well with a much more 'liveable' price. 


    Use 1 - 2 teaspoons for 6 – 8 oz water.  The fragrance is heavenly. First infusion - Steep for 4 minutes; second infusion - Steep for 4 minutes, but just a little hotter water. I use this more expensive tea as a treat, when I’ve accomplished something wonderful, or failed miserably while attempting something new. Whatever the occasion, it brings me back to center.