• Irish Morning - a Traditionally Blended Loose Leaf Black Tea

    Irish Morning - a loose leaf, traditional micro blend of Assam tea from India and Keemun teas from China.  Full bodied and ready to bring you around in the early morning.  Years ago I worked at a vegetarian restaurant here in Boise and had to be there about 4:45 AM each day to do all the baking before opening, and then I moved to the 'line' and the world swirled around me as people just flowed through the door, orders coming in so fast.  I credited the Irish Breakfast I drank each morning that started my day, and gave me the momentum I needed to get through the breakfast hours.  When my shift ended, I headed for the yoga studio.  Who needs coffee when one can have my version of this fabulous tea - Irish Morning?

    As Thunder Mountain Tea & Spice moves forward, growing and expanding each day, we are moving toward a more eco-friendly packaging.   We are 'brown baggin' it'.   Food Safety bags, and great new labeling.  Then, as I kept making new blends and realized that I could not run a new label for each one as they came along, I got serious about hand drawing each label and water coloring them.  These labels now appear to be the label of choice of my customers. 

    Also, don't forget to check out the tea wallets.  They are a very handy accessory for anyone who spends their day away from home.  Once you have found the right tea you can bag it and carry it with you, so you don't have to settle for just any tea available in the workplace or a diner.  Take a moment before it passes, and enjoy a delicious cup of tea.

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