Hibiscus Flowers

I lived for years on the Arizona - Mexican Border and spent a tremendous amount of time on 'the other side.' Their culture is so organic, vibrant and colorful, like the gorgeous Hibiscus flowers.  When it was time for the fiestas, friends from 'the other side' would bring gunnysacks full of Hibiscus flower petals to me so we could make the 'tea' for everyone.  Talk about gorgeous color and delicious.  There is nothing like it.  Many people from the South American and Central American countries use the Hibiscus flower for medicinal purposes.  If you want to use these alone for cold or hot tea, that is fine, or, like me, I add a few flower petals to my green teas and my herbals teas. My new favorite 'hebal' is Lemongrass and hibiscus and then I add a squeeze of lemon.  Oh my.

If you want a Hibiscus Blend, check out our Bounty blend.  It is delightful, and we served it cold at the Capital City Public Market all summer.  When I serve it here at home I add fresh lemon slices, which really set off the deep purple tea. Share in the BOUNTY of other cultures.