• Forever Spring Oolong - A delicious Taiwanese Oolong

    Forever Spring Oolong - There are teas that are bold and rich, and there are teas light and delicious, and there are so many teas in between.  I swear there is a tea for every time of day, and for every mood we may be in.  Teas are awesome.


    This tea is no different, but yet different in every respect. I've never tasted another oolong like this one. These Direct Trade Teas have a special quality, and this one is a wonderful light floral Taiwanese Oolong. 


    Sometimes when I worked down on the street at the Capital City Public Market every Saturday selling teas, I wished I had room to put out a hot airpot for each and every tea I carry as samples, as the teas each have such an individual and delicious flavor.  It is so hard to choose.


    This tea, Forever Spring, has a floral fragrance so light and delicious. I would sell out of it each week at the Market here in Boise.  

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