English Perfection - a Traditional Loose Leaf Tea
  • English Perfection - a Traditional Loose Leaf Tea

    Our delicious English Perfection  - A blend of Assam, Keemun and Ceylon teas blended with Calendula leaves. Robust and full bodied. Takes milk.  This is our version of what you all know as English Breakfast.

    Many of us are traditionalists and prefer that which we know and trust, and English Perfection  is one of those blends.  Try ours, and as you sip, you will taste the familiarity, and at the same time you will taste something very special which you will appreciate immensely.  It oozes with familiarity with a slight uptick of deliciousness.

    When things get a bit overwhelming, pour yourself a cup of tea, sit down and have a moment, before it passes.  It makes all the difference.