• Simply Ms. Grey - An exquisite, traditional Loose Leaf Microblended Tea with B

    The most delicious Earl Grey blend I have ever tasted.  Yes, I have blended it myself.  A traditional blend of Ceylon tea, Bergamot flavoring, a bit more Orange Peel and Calendula leaves.  It is amazing!  I have sold out of this one just about every time I  take it to the market in an airpot for all to taste. Once they taste it, that is pretty much it.

    I've been reading customers complaints on a major tea purveyor's site as they voice their disappointment with the company's Earl Grey Tea.  Well, let me tell you, there is Earl Grey and then there is EARL GREY - we have one that holds the flavor of the Bergamont with a little extra Orange Peel and some Calendula leaves.  It is so delicious.   Wait until you try this!   

    We at Thunder Mountain Tea & Spice are eco-friendly, and to that end we are going towards 'brown bagging' it.  As you can tell, things are always moving around here.  I went with the fancy, classy labels, then realized I cannot order a new label every time I make a different blend.  So, I started hand-drawing labels and then water coloring them.  Yes, they are all individually done.  Some teas still have the fancy labels, and some have the handpainted ones. 

    I am selling most of the teas in 4 oz, which for me is my standard, and a smaller 'taster' tea in 1.5 oz.  There are some of our Direct Trade teas in 2 oz or less. 

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