• Thyolo Peony – Malawi - A heavenly White Peony from the highlands of Malawi

    A Direct Trade Tea. A heavenly white tea from the Highlands of Malawi. 


    One thing of the many things I love about the tea business is that I get to try so many lovely teas.  This one, so light in weight that I can't find a bag big enough to fill up to 2 oz.  But that's not the only lightness about it.  This tea is delicious. 


    I can't even start to tell you how light and wonderful the flavor is.  I have no samples of it simply because it weighs so little, that each bag is $5.00 for .5 oz.  Try it and you will see, it is extraordinary.

    • Yield:

      I just place a few of the leaves in a tea infuser placed in a tea mug - then pour very hot water over it and let it steep for about 4 minutes.  This tea is heavenly!

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