{Kanoka Tea Estate} Kanoka Assam – India
  • {Kanoka Tea Estate} Kanoka Assam – India

    A Direct Trade Tea. Kanoka Assam – India. Classic, full-bodied Assam profile, but with even more flavor and depth. Clear amber-colored liquor with a fragrant finish. The estate uses all-natural Vriksayurveda agricultural techniques. These ancient Indian plant sciences focus on the health and lifecycle of the plant and soil, using natural herbal medicines to help boost them. Kanoka Tea Estate is also a member of Assamica Agro, a local cooperative that promotes sustainability in tea, with the use of local vermicomposting and cow-based fertilizer. The members of the cooperative are continually working to develop new techniques.

    While there are other all-natural estates in Assam, many of them are in conversion from conventional agriculture. Because the Nath Family is the first to cultivate this land, no pesticides or chemicals have ever been used on the land or on these tea plants. To keep the garden from becoming overgrown, the team weeds the fields manually.


    • Yield:

      28 grams is approximately one ounce and will yield approximately 10 - 15 cups of tea.