A Pu'erh  {Li Family} 2012 Nannuo Handmade Shou – China )
  • A Pu'erh {Li Family} 2012 Nannuo Handmade Shou – China )

    A Direct Trade Tea. 2012 Nannuo Handmade Shou – China. A Pu-erh. Crafted using small-batch techniques that took years for Mr. Li to develop. A rich, earthy shou pu'erh with clean flavors and a buttery texture. The Li Family has lived on Nannuo Mountain for generations, and have begun a tradition of tea in the family. They grow tea in Duoyi Village, where their neighbors are also tea farmers. Beyond organic, the trees have never had the aid of any manures, pesticides, or soil additives of any kind. They've learned to grow and thrive on their own, maintaining a perfect harmony with their growing environment. In 2000, Mr. Li decided to stop selling leaf to the factory, and instead craft his own teas by hand at home, becoming one of the few growers in the area to produce small-batch teas.


    • Yield:

      28 grams equals approximately 1 ounce.  This will yield approximately 10 -15 six ounce cups.