August 8, 2019

I wanted to say, "God, help us!" but I remembered what I always heard when I was growing up, "God only helps those who help themselves." I guess we were told that to keep us moving forward.  Lazy wasn't in our DNA, neither was staying in bed past daybreak.

Lately I have...

March 11, 2019

I bet you all wonder why I have been so quiet.  Actually, I have been wondering this, too. I think I have been feeling guilty.  Read on.  I noticed while out walking the dogs, how much I miss this contact with all of you, albeit, it is through the internet and through...

March 9, 2018

Like any entrepreneur, which I sometimes have hesitated to call myself, but for the sake of this article I will, we start with a passion, and it grows into an idea, which then starts to take over our brainwaves and, no matter day or night, it becomes so real, growing i...

January 2, 2018

        Like a tight bud in early spring, our New Year prepares to unfurl before us.  I hear many people saying they are glad to see 2017 go, and I can certainly understand it. We've had so much sadness this past year, and the chaos on the world stage has been exhausti...

May 7, 2017

Selling tea on the street, being a street vendor, but like most anything else, I am open to just about anything, at least once. But .... I am loving this experience. It is solidifying my beliefs that most people I meet are truly curious about tea.

March 4, 2017

I have been talking to people about wholesaling some of my products in some of the stores, and also am making a presentation Monday night at the Farmers' Market meeting to see if what I have to offer is something they want, and also to see if this is what I want. Talk...

October 19, 2016

Where to begin? I guess I will start by saying hello, introducing myself, and telling you how this gorgeous site and these delicious teas have come about and where this blog is headed over the next months and years.

My name is Susan Nunn. I am a writer and my love of te...

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