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Our delicious gunpowder green tea with the essence of fresh mango.

Coronavirus Update:

Our numbers are going up again, so it is not the time to let your guard down.  Still wear masks when going out, and still keep your distance and wash your hands A LOT!  That's right, social distancing, hand washing, and masks have helped around the globe, and we need to keep vigilant.


I have been monitoring this daily and here is a quote from the President of the Tea Assn. (This comes from a Google search.)

Peter F Goggi, president of the Tea Association of the USA, has been closely monitoring the situations involving China, from the newly imposed tea tariffs to the risk of coronavirus infection from tea imported from China. In a letter to US Tea Association members, Goggi stated the risk of 2019-nCoV infection per the CDC:

“The virus is not spread through goods but by human to human contact … In general, because of poor survivability of these coronaviruses on surfaces, there is likely very low risk of spread from products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days or weeks at ambient temperatures. Coronaviruses are generally thought to be spread most often by respiratory droplets.”

Goggi further stated that the Tea Association’s assessment of 2019-nCoV infection risk from imported tea products is as follows:

  • Tea Leaf — due to generally long transportation times from origin, the risk is very low.

  • Spray Dried Extracts — due to high temperatures employed in the spray drying process the risk is very low.

  • Liquid Extracts — most, if not all, liquid extracts are either pasteurized or UHT treated, reducing the risk to virtually nil (zero).

“The Tea Association’s position is that there is no need to be concerned about the risk of coronavirus (2019-nCoV) infection from imported tea products,” said Goggi.

Also, I want you to be aware of how the tea comes to us. I am not an exporter, so I get mine from a wholesaler here in the US, which means that the tea that is in the country now has been out of China for sometime. The tea harvest in China is about to start and will be interesting to see how people feel about the 2020 Spring Harvest, although I will not be buying any of it, just to be super cautious.

I believe that each of my teas is marked on my website as to what country it is from, but I will be going through and checking and updating as I go. But for now, please realize the teas that we have on our market are not impacted by the virus.


Now, that being said, I want you to know that I used to work out of a commercial kitchen, but when Dad's health started teetering a bit, I decided to have all my blends done at the wholesaler's processing area. This process took about a year to get everything working properly. I do the testing, putting together my own blends on a small basis, and when I find the right mix, I then send them the recipe, and they do the blending and send the finished product back to me. So, when I say, I am doing 'blending' - that is my process. When it arrives here, I don my plastic food service gloves, get out my scale and do the packaging.


Will I ever do it from beginning to end again? Only if I open up a retail space, with a kitchen. Is that a possibility?  We'll see how the economy shakes out here.

Transformation - the process of moving into the next stage of ourselves. Yes, these words, too, were written before. Almost three months before, and now we find ourselves "moving into the next stage of ourselves."

We are reaching down deep, pushing back at the fear that is pounding at our hearts as we struggle knowing our families are scattered across town, the country, some - across the world, while trying to figure out how to keep everyone safe.

I am here to say, Stay safe, practice 'social distancing' and know that we Americans have always risen to the task at hand. For me, other than family, it is about all of you who have been sharing in our tea experience for the last few years.


For the last two or three weeks, I have been burying myself in tea blogs and facts about tea, wondering if our beloved tea is safe. What I have found from one of the top tea wholesalers in the country is and I quote, "No germs or viruses can get transmitted through tea."


But, still, I want to calm everyone's fears. So, I will not be ordering any teas out of China for awhile, although they are all deemed safe.Yes, I am drinking the teas every day.

I have just received an order of Assam from India and it is delightful, and also the Ceylon just came in, it being grown in Sri Lanka.  This is the tea that we do most all of our blends with, but it is heavenly all by itself.


"We at Thunder Mountain Tea believe there is a magical essence in tea that is not found in other beverages. Tea has comforted people throughout the ages, in times of challenges, as well as in times of joy. It has character of such depth that just to sit with a cup of tea is an experience like none other!

It is time we let tea do its work, let it calm us in these trying times. Although we are no longer being told to stay home, I am staying put, going out for necessities only.

Some have let the 'home-rule' get the best of them, and now acting as if the virus expired at midnight one night, and pretending all is now well. Most of us know that isn't true.

Let's share a cup of tea, virtually. Tea allows me to explore my feelings, to expand on my creative ideas, it brings calm when surrounded by chaos - tea is my best friend and daily companion."  Susan


All Teas Are Delicious

It just depends on the mood one is in.

For me, I am enjoying every minute of these brisk mornings with a simple and delicious Assam.


Let Me Explain

Many people have asked how I can be so committed to so many different career paths - This tea company, a Feng Shui practice, and still be a Writer, a Certified Creative Writing Instructor, and an Editor. “How can you do it all,” they ask?

It really isn't so complicated. You see, I love everything I do and in order to make it work, I blend my practices, like I blend my teas. Everything works well together and I refuse to let myself look at any of them as separate.

They are all like a spiritual practice for me and they embrace all of who I am. My creative side opens to new depths while working with Feng Shui. Knowing that the energy is what brings life and balance back into my clients' lives as well as my own. Just knowing the tranformation each can experience with some adjustments and a more positive attitude inspires me.


I create wild and delicious tea blends which also feed into my creative side, that side that allows me to continue to explore outside of the box. Experimenting with different flavors is so much fun. I love tea and I love to share all the new blends.  Tea helps me settle into my other work. My editing and my teaching go hand in hand, although a more precise way of working, the creativity of the tea and the feng shui, keep me exploring and expanding, looking for more ways to get the writers into their emotional centers. I wouldn’t think of letting a writer’s work go out if I thought for one minute they could go deeper, and we dig in until we reach that space where their writing flows. My own writing is utilized with my two websites, online classes and blogs, and a book, Song of the Earth, that I will be re-releasing in the next couple of months, and three more books in different stages of completion.



So, this is who I am.  I love people, and animals, and tea, and writing, teaching and editing, and feng shui. And, somehow, I make it all work.  Thanks for being a part of it all.



As most of you know, we are now starting our third year of

Gifting a Bag of Tea for You to 'Gift' to Another


With each sale of $30 or more, you will receive an extra bag of tea with your order.  That is our gift to you for you to gift to another - it is our way of bringing a smile to someone somewhere and knowing there is nothing more healing than a 'cup of tea.'

And, with each order, you will receive a sample of another tea for you to try. I wish there was a way for us to share a cup of warm tea with the each other.


Wishing you all peace, Susan

Gifting Teas

What a wonderful endeavor! I have been thinking and reading a lot about community/loneliness in light of  the recent school shooting and this hits home as to the simple necessity of community- what we have grown away from and the destruction it can wreak. Simply reaching out to those around us -  such a simple and lovely way to bring joy to someone's day or to make a friend.


Just signed up and hoping to share with neighbors and hopefully a few strangers.  BS, Washington DC

I love your Community Initiative


You are a wonderful representative for your company.  I love your community initiative.  I've made gifts of your tea to two wonderful friends and hopefully, at least one of them will be inspired to order.  Thank you for your continued generosity...and wonderful teas...  GW - Philadelphia

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